Android Wear disappeared from the Google Store today and no one noticed

But, we will update this space if we discover anything new in this particular version of Google Play Store.

In this release, Google Assistant acts a shortcut for the app to the android application that's been already installed on the device.

Talking about under the hood changes, the focus lately has been on security fixes, Google had to face a lot of heat recently due to malware being found in the apps present on the Play Store, and the company has been providing regular updates since then to come clean out of this mess. The music service notes that full support for Spotify on Google Assistant will be coming in the upcoming weeks.

In addition, last month, Google announced that similar to Android Wear 2.0, Version 1.0 will also have standalone apps. As usual, you can easily preview all icon packs in the gallery above.

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Above: New Google Store menu without the "Watches" category. Google Assistant is finally expanding the languages it knows. The WaveNet natural speech generation technology that Google had showcased earlier previous year has now been deployed in the latest update of the Assistant. What's more, the voice quality too has been improved from 8-bit to 16-bit at 24Khz sampling rate. And, it seems Google does not want to remember the category outside the event also, as Android Wear's dedicated section has disappeared from the Google Store home page as well.

With Google Assistant you can easily make quick calls, send text messages to anyone, set reminders anytime.

The new setting now gives the Ai's voice a new, husky male's tone and can be configured across all of the user's devices, be it on their iOS app, the Pixel phone or even on Google's Home speakers and their newly launched series of smart home speakers as well. Android Police adds that the app's code also reveals that it checks if the user's device is eligible for Assistant, and informs the user if it is not. This is further bolstered with add on Google accounts for kids under 13 years of age, along with 50 different activities and experiences tailored specifically for children.

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