Khamenei says Iran, Turkey must act against Kurdish secession

Leaders in Tehran and Ankara were staunchly opposed to the referendum, given Iran and Turkey's large Kurdish minorities.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made the remarks at the joint presser with President Hassan Rouhani of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"Iran and Turkey should take every possible measure against the move and the Iraqi government, too, should make decisions and take serious action", Khamenei added.

Both Iran and Turkey have held military manoeuvres close to their borders with Iraqi Kurdistan to ratchet up the pressure on Kurdish leaders.

The Iranian president said the two sides have also agreed to facilitate mutual investments in various sectors, including tourism, transit, petrochemicals and infrastructure.

The ceremony was also attended by officials from Iran and Turkey.

"Words don't mean anything here as we didn't have a chance of a fair trial", said another defendant, Gokhan Sen.

Those exercises have also involved forces of the federal government in Baghdad, which has demanded the annulment of the September 25 vote, which returned a 92.7 per cent majority for independence.

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Speaking at a meeting with Akar in Tehran, Shamkhani said the KRG's approach to hold the independence vote was "irresponsible and amateur".

As the Iraq war unfolded in 2003, and later the crisis in Syria, Turkey grew concerned over American support to Iraqi Kurds.

The presidents of Iran and Turkey vowed during talks in Tehran yesterday to work closely together to prevent the disintegration of Iraq and Syria and to oppose the Iraqi Kurds' drive for independence. In return, Baqeri's Turkish counterpart Hulusi Akar arrived in Iran for security talks on Sunday, days ahead of Erdogan's high-profile visit.

Baghdad already has imposed sanctions on Kurdish banks and halted foreign currency transfers to the region, and a flight ban has halted all worldwide flights from servicing the Iraqi Kurdish territory's airports.

Erdoğan said the referendum had no legitimacy and had only been recognized by Israeli regime.

The two countries, which enjoy a trade volume of about 11 billion US dollars per year, aim to raise the figure to 30 billion in the future.

"It was the people who determined their future in the referendum", he said.

He asserted that the referendum was a Zionist plot that benefits the United States.

  • Megan Austin