Apple looks into two reports of iPhone 8 Plus splitting open

According to several reports two of Apple's new iPhone 8 Plus smartphones have burst open, these incidents have occurred in Taiwan and in Japan.

Earlier, a Taiwanese woman claimed her 64GB iPhone 8 Plus had split open while it was being charged.

However, the new adapter will allow the users to listen to music through the headphones as they get to charge their iPhone at the same time.

Now Apple has started selling an iPhone attachment with both a 3.5mm audio port and a lightning port.

Another fault was also reported when a Japanese user posted photographs of his iPhone 8 Plus on Twitter on September 24. Los Angeles-based accessory maker Belkin has designed the US$35 iPhone adapter that goes on sale through Apple stores across the United States and worldwide markets.

There are no known explanations for either problem.

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Apple iPhone 8 series bring minor changes to iPhone 7, 7 Plus. You can also find it on Amazon at the same price. Those kinds of details usually come to light during a full investigation.

The company has had experience with problems like this before, with Apple Watch owners reporting that their device's screen had begun to bulge due to swollen batteries, causing partial detachment of the screen.

According to MacRumors, an Apple spokesperson confirmed that they "are aware and looking into it".

FT reported that out of the Chinese consumers who plan to buy an iPhone, only 65.1 percent said that they will buy the latest iPhone devices compared to the 75.7 percent people who planned to buy the latest iPhone models previous year. Those devices now carry a warranty that extends to three years after the original purchase date.

Reuters/Stephen LamThe iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and the iPhone 8. You would not like to bend it further too much.

As of now, it remains unclear if the issues are isolated cases or if there is a wider problem in terms of the iPhone 8 Plus' manufacturing.

  • Regina Walsh