McDonald's Szechuan Sauce to make comeback thanks to Rick and Morty

McDonald's then added: "In addition, after almost 20 years (and perhaps a bit of time travel) we're even doing the impossible..." In honor of Rick and Morty, McDonald's is bringing back its Szechuan Sauce for a limited time.

McDonald's has announced it is bringing back its near-mythical Szechuan dipping sauce - for one day only.

The sauce will be released on October 7 with collective sauce-themed posters, the McDonald's site says.

What's more, to commemorate the special occasion, McDonald's has commissioned some fancy screenprinted artwork for each sauce, and will be giving them away to customers starting at 2pm on the special day. The sauce went viral with demands for McDonald's to bring the sauce back.

Availability of the Szechuan Sauce is limited to certain restaurants, and you need to check the website to see where you have to go to get yours. They're introducing a mysterious new "Signature Sauce" as well, but they're clearly banking heavily on the sudden fervor around the Szechuan, hoping people turn out October 7 at select locations to get a taste (much like how they've conditioned people to act like total freaks in pursuit of the McRib).

Rick and Morty just wrapped up its third season and there's no telling how long we'll have to wait until season four.

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Oh, and probably a thousand fans of a show about a character who brags about being a nonconformist posted the same gif of Rick saying he wants the Mulan McNugget Sauce.

In 1998, the sauce was a promotional tie-in with the release of the Disney animated film "Mulan", according to Fox News. Social media played a huge part in this obscure condiment becoming available again - so never doubt the power of Rick and Morty to change the world, if only for a day. If it takes nine seasons-I want my McNugget dipping sauce-Szechuan sauce, Morty!

Sure, you could try and grab a copy of the honey mustard sauce's art print, but let's be honest here, this is all about owning a piece of suspiciously Rick and Morty-esque artwork, the better to show off your love of a certain sci-fi cartoon.

For now, Rick and Morty fans should just get themselves lined up in a McDonalds this Saturday.

Wubba lubba dub dub!

  • Stacy Houston