Here's How Much Cassidy-Graham Shrinks the Federal Government

"Bill Cassidy just lied to my face", Kimmel said a few moments later.

"I like the approach of Graham-Cassidy in the sense that it's a theory I've always supported, which is we're giving states more flexibility to design programs that actually meet our needs", Portman said. "I will keep working with the President for real repeal".

When asked if he could vote for a reconciliation bill that only defunded Planned Parenthood and stopped Obamacare's funding of abortion (but didn't otherwise touch Obamacare), Paul said he did not think he could.

He added: "I hope Republican Senators will vote for Graham-Cassidy and fulfill their promise to Repeal & Replace ObamaCare".

Fast forward to this month, and there's a new proposal as the Senate continues in its quest to repeal Obamacare: It's called the Cassidy-Graham bill, spearheaded by Cassidy and Sen.

Cassidy had said any healthcare bill must pass what he called "the Jimmy Kimmel test" of providing affordable care for such children and include preventative care for every American.

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He tells MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that his bill "will bring power to that patient, power to that state for them to have control over their health care future". Hatch said on Monday the legislation would get a September 25 hearing. At the end of this fiscal year, Republicans lose the reconciliation privileges that now would allow them to pass a bill with a simple majority, the Senate parliamentarian ruled Friday.

"What is being circulated is by those who wish to preserve Obamacare, and they're doing everything they can to discredit the alternative", Cassidy said. Amelia Chasse, a spokeswoman for Hogan, said the governor did not sign on to the letter, because he chose to put out his own statement opposing the bill. "Going back to this Trumpcare 2, Graham-Cassidy, would shut down that bipartisanship that Americans yearns for".

The Senate's longshot Obamacare repeal bill is starting to look possible. The grants would provide money to each state to do as it sees fit regarding health care, but with less money, meaning some people would lose Medicaid coverage unless the state was able to fund subsidies. Medicaid was expanded in IL under Obamacare.

The bill crafted by Cassidy and Sen. The group of governor's would like input more input from them.

In two tweets, the president urged Senate Republicans to support the measure, which is co-sponsored by Sens.

  • Stacy Houston