Donald Trump Uses London Tube Attack To Promote Travel Ban

US President Donald Trump on Friday called the terrorist incident in London as another attack "by a loser terrorist" prompting British Prime Minister Theresa May to rebuke him by asking not to "speculate".

Donald Trump has called the perpetrator of a bombing on the London Underground a "loser terrorist" who was "in the sights of Scotland Yard".

British Police confirmed they had arrested an 18-year-old man in connection with the attack on Saturday morning (local time), as part of the manhunt to find the terrorists responsible for causing carnage on a south-west London train with a crude homemade "bucket bomb" on Friday.

"I never think it is helpful for anyone to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation", British Prime Minister Theresa May told reporters in London when asked about the president's comments. "Must be proactive!" the United States president said on Twitter.

Later, in an appearance at the White House Rose Garden, Trump said the country must be "smarter" when it comes to terrorism.

The group has claimed other attacks in Britain this year, including two in London and one at a concert by American singer Ariana Grande in Manchester, but intelligence officials say there is scant evidence that it had orchestrated them. "Must be proactive!" he wrote in his first tweet. "The internet is their main recruitment tool which we must cut off & use better!"

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"I am sickened by the terrorist attack in London and am praying for the victims".

"Another attack in London by a loser terrorist", Trump added.

The latest version of his travel ban, initially announced in a botched late-January rollout, calls for a ban on people entering the US from a short list of terror-prone countries that are also Muslim-majority nations. He added, "Must be proactive & nasty!"

Multiple federal appeals courts had blocked the ban, but the Supreme Court in June agreed to hear an appeal from the administration on those rulings, giving the executive order a temporary green light.

It's unclear, though, what will be left for the court to decide. However, the high court justice permits the ban to go into effect last month, but still, the case is pending.

  • Megan Austin