Irma God: Tesla Gives Temporary Range Boost to Help Owners Flee Hurricane

These more affordable models feature a 75kWh battery pack, which is limited to 60kWh via software.

Tesla owners know that their batteries have a maximum capacity that can be tapped during an emergency.

But after one Tesla owner called in to inquire about their battery's capacity, the California automaker used its remote over-the-air software update capabilities to boost the driving range of all of these electric cars and help their owners get out of Irma's way.

Tesla pushed an emergency over-the-air update to some cars in the southeast US, extending the electric cars range to help owners evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma.

The firm declined to comment on the giveaway, but said the interim fix (15 kWh, or about 30 to 40 additional miles) has been applied to specific vehicles registered to folks in Florida's evacuation area, and will remain accessible until September 16. The update sent out unlocked the full capacity of the batteries in Model S and X vehicles with 60 and 70 kilowatt-hour power plants.

Gas Prices Are Going Way Up in Mississauga
From around 1.08 earlier this week , local prices now range around 1.24 per litre of regular. Hurricane Harvey has caused gas prices to spike. "There isn't a lot of spare wiggle room".

Tesla's Supercharger network is fairly extensive in Florida and most owners should be able to get by even with a Model S 60 (the shortest range option), but sometimes that 30 more miles of range can make a big difference.

According to USA Today, in an effort to streamline production, Tesla includes the same batteries in many of its models, but charges an additional fee to "unlock" the higher available capacity.

The cheaper versions of its cars aren't for sale anymore, but putting them on sale in the first place was Tesla solution to competing in effectively only two segments, and luxury ones at that: mid-size sedans and SUVs.

Now there are 6,502 Superchargers across Tesla's global network of 945 Supercharger Stations.

Hurricane Irma left the Caribbean devastated last week and has ripped through Florida, too, leaving huge flooding in its wake.

  • Ronnie Bowen