Frankfurt Motor Show 2017: New Nissan Leaf set for early 2018

Frankfurt Motor Show 2017: New Nissan Leaf set for early 2018


But he said the new model was not a traditional model where you could take the sales of the previous model and a certain percentage to those sales.

"That's a lower price than the Leaf in market today and it includes more power, range and technology, all wrapped in a handsome new exterior and interior design", Muñoz said.

The Leaf is still the best-selling electric vehicle on the planet, and the range bump may do the trick for people who tend to use their cars for short trips.

The 2018 Leaf's interior is more familiar than futuristic.

Nissan has brought up a whole new e-Pedal technology to this new generation Nissan Leaf auto. This extra power should give the Leaf improved acceleration and, hopefully, a sportier driving experience.

Nissan was to roll out the new Leaf at a press conference Tuesday night in Las Vegas and later in Tokyo. The new range will be a competitive 225 miles. Peterson added that his firm's research has found the "EV range sweet spot is 225 miles", which is well above the 2018 Leaf's capability.

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The Leaf has outsold all other electric vehicles since its introduction in 2010.

The remodeled Leaf also gets a 6.6-kilowatt onboard charging system that draws more electricity from a 240-volt charging outlet, allowing the Leaf to go from empty to fully charged in about 7.5 hours, Maragno said. A fast charge station can re-charge the Leaf's battery to about 80% charge in about 40 minutes.

Nissan re-engineered the chassis for greater stability.

The Japenese auto giants confirmed to Sun FM that they're strengthening their global leadership in zero-emission electric vehicles, by starting full production of the new Nissan LEAF at Nissan's Vehicle Assembly Plant in Smyrna in the U.S., and at Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd. here in Sunderland, by the end of calendar year (2017).

The new Nissan Leaf boasts semi-autonomous driving capabilities such as keeping the vehicle automatically in one lane on the motorway or parking without human intervention, features that could be popular with Sri Lankan women drivers. As with most electric cars the Leaf if capable of slowing, and even stopping, without the driver having to touch the brake pedal. You'll still need to like the vehicle itself, but simply having a low $30,000 base price opens the door for some, especially those who were already set on an EV. Nissan calls it the "ProPILOT Assist" system, and it offers limited self-driving capabilities in highway driving situations. The audio functions can be modified with a steering switch, without the driver taking their hands off the steering wheel.

A more satisfied Leaf owner said he installed a three kilowatt solar panel at a cost of 750,000 rupees and was not drawing power from the national grid to charge his vehicle.

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