Could The DIY Pennywise Tying Red Balloons To Sewer Grates Please Chill

The force believes the prank is tied to the release of a new film adaptation of It, in which a shape-shifting monster - usually seen in the form of a terrifying clown holding balloons - lives in the sewers and terrorizes children in Maine. Lately, there have been a lot of odd things happening and they all stem from Stephen King's terrifying novel.

According to Pennsylvania's Lititz Borough Police Department, IT villain Pennywise the clown's infamous red balloons are randomly popping up tied to storm grates so, game over, good night except actually none of us will ever be sleeping again?

Not ones to take the threat of a killer clown from ME moving his rituals down south lightly, the Lititz Police put some of their top men on the case, trying to solve the mystery. Still, Stephen King's It hitting theaters is paving the way for many people around the world to try and scare their friends and strangers.

The Pennsylvania State Police also recently warned citizens to be on the lookout for a resurgence in unsanctioned clown activity with the new movie on the way (we'd take ominous red balloons over creepy clowns).

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The department's post ends with the phrase "you'll float too", a tag line from the movie's trailers.

"'IT" the name of a horror film out Friday based on the 1986 Stephen King novel.

"They should respect others boundaries".

  • Megan Austin