Microsoft Officially Discontinues Xbox One Launch Edition

Microsoft Officially Discontinues Xbox One Launch Edition


"The speed at which we sold through our initial pre-order supply surpassed expectations, and what we experienced with pre-orders for the original Xbox One console".

It has been four years now that Xbox One was released and now Microsoft is discontinuing original Xbox One in the United States. Though Xbox One S became the centerpiece of Xbox's marketing effort, the company continued to sell the original model at their stores. Arabic is one of the most widely spoken language and hence Microsoft is planning to add the Arabic Language to the Xbox brand which is being pushed to more regions.

Guy Lister, GAME's retail COO said: "Our customers have been eagerly awaiting Xbox One X since the announce of Project Scorpio".

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Greenberg is also confident about the first party lineup coming to the Xbox One over the next year, mentioning that he is excited about what is to come. They also stopped developing Xbox 360. Although it's not really a must-have by everyone's standards, there are a few 4K-ready gamers that can't wait to get their hands on it, and many first and third-party developers have already pledged their support for the system, so we'll suppose we'll see what happens. The innovation and power behind the new Xbox One X console is driving excitement and demand among our customers worldwide.

Looking forward to the Xbox One X - a console upstaged by its own acronym nearly being XBOX - it's very clear thanks to pre-orders that this brand does still mean something.

  • Kyle Warner