Opposition parties emboldened by no confidence vote results

The opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) on Thursday submitted a motion calling for the National Assembly to be dissolved.

The African National Congress (ANC) could face court challenges if it goes after members who voted in favour of a motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma.

It was clear to the nation that the ANC is willing to do anything to protect Zuma and to keep him in power, Steenhuisen said.

"We believe that Parliament requires a fresh mandate, and that mandate ought to be given by the voters through the ballot box", Maimane said in Cape Town.

When the opposition filed its no-confidence motion, it argued that parliament should be allowed to vote in secret to remove the president since it does so to elect him.

The ANC is expected to replace Zuma as party president at a meeting in December, but his term as head of state is set to continue until elections in 2019.

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The president is compelled to dissolve Parliament if the majority of MPs vote for such a motion.

"The very fact that it might result in an early election means the ANC could go to an early election as a fractured party".

The DA will now push to have our motion moved above the line and debated as soon as possible. Some 177 MPs from the opposition and ANC voted in favour of the motion, while nine MPs abstained in the effort created to remove the controversial president from office.

"This planned motion by the DA shows that the DA does not respect our democracy and the electorate of South Africa. Let's fight an election for the future of our country, and let's do it now", the young opposition leader said.

"We need a new government and a new beginning now".

  • Megan Austin