British Labor Leader Laments Lost Lives in Venezuela…of Repressive Security Forces

Meanwhile, the United Nations has condemned the use of extensive force and detention of anti-government protestors.

On Tuesday, the Constituent Assembly, which does not include opposition supporters due to their boycott, convened in the same building as the opposition-controlled National Assembly and decreed itself superior to all other government institutions.

The U.S. previously targeted Maduro with sanctions, in a rare action against a foreign head of state.

Four months of street violence have left almost 130 dead.

Earlier Tuesday, Venezuela's pro-government Supreme Court sentenced a Caracas-area mayor at the center of recent protests to 15 months in prison for not following an order to remove barricades set up during anti-government demonstrations.

Constituent Assembly leader Delcy Rodriguez said a "truth, justice and peace commission" will investigate the violence in the country in the past few months, and warned that "justice will come" to some members of the opposition.

Mr. Guterres' spokesman said United Nations is closely following events in the country and is convinced the crisis requires a political solution based on dialogue and compromise.

Similarly, ALBA confirmed its support for a dialogue between the Government and Venezuelan opposition groups to resolve differences within the country. The elections are now scheduled for December, though a new, all-powerful constitutional assembly could still cancel the vote.

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Inflation in Venezuela's crisis-hit economy quickened to 248.6 percent in the first seven months of the year, the opposition-led congress said on Wednesday in the absence of official data.

The assembly was expected to gather at the legislative palace in Caracas for the first time since voting Saturday to remove the nation's outspoken chief prosecutor, a move that drew condemnation from numerous same regional government that are sending representatives to the meeting in Peru's capital.

It also wants the group to condemn the new assembly's firing of Venezuela's attorney general, Luisa Ortega, an outspoken critic of Maduro, after she broke ranks with him.

Foreign ministers of 12 nations in the Americas met in Lima, Peru, on Tuesday to discuss the "critical situation in Venezuela" and to explore ways to achieve a "peaceful and negotiated" outcome.

"It is unclear who the perpetrators in the remaining deaths may be", it said.

Despite a widespread popular uprising, that has been violently repressed by state security forces, causing more than 120 deaths, Corbyn appears to place ideological affinity with his socialist comrade Maduro over human rights considerations, even though virtually the entire worldwide community has aligned to reject Maduro's power grab.

According to the government, two rebels were killed and eight captured.

President Nicolás Maduro continued his efforts to shut down opposition to the government when the new constitutional assembly composed exclusively of pro-government delegates convened on Tuesday as well.

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