Four killed in shooting at Moscow court

At least three people have been killed and two wounded in a shootout at a court in Moscow, Russian news agencies said.

The case involved 11 defendants in the court and four of them are now dead, reports Reuters.

The incident happened when five people on trial for "banditry" tried to take the arms from security officers, a police spokeswoman said. "In the end, they managed to seize the escort's weapons, but one of the officers was able to call in reinforcement from the National Guard", she told TASS.

The two others defendants were seriously wounded, the statement said. "In a shootout, one of the National Guard officers was wounded in the shoulder, three of the defendants were killed and the other two were seriously wounded and taken to hospital", she said.

The group got its name after the violent computer game, as it was accused of murdering drivers on roads near the Russian capital.

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A lawyer at the courthouse told Russian news agencies he saw a guard and a court official with injuries. According to Prosecutors, the gangs put spikes on roads to drive out motorists from their vehicles and shoot them dead.

The GTA Gang were said to have been given the name following charges relating to the murder of auto drivers in Moscow and other areas in 2012 to 2014.

They had also attempted to take hostages.

The nine accused men, who are all from Central Asia, were charged with 17 murders and 2 attempted murders.

  • Megan Austin