DOOM Gets Overhauled in "Ultimate" Update 6.66; Free to Play This Weekend

DOOM Gets Overhauled in


It also unlocks every bit of multiplayer DLC as Bethesda retires its season pass. Nine maps, new weapons, equipment, armor sets, and playable demons. The Hack Module System has been replaced with an all-new Runes System which are now persistent player abilities and included in load-outs. Namely, the progression system is getting overhauled where instead of getting random stuff during matches, players will get level-specific items upon completing specific challenges, Polygon reports. The new system allows players to unlock items through in-game actions as well as leveling up. As part of this update, all veteran players are being reset to level 0. If you don't own Doom, though, this weekend the game will be free on PC and Xbox One, with a free weekend on PS4 marked for next weekend, so you can give it a try then.

First, we've retired the DOOM season pass and are making all of the multiplayer DLC content available to all players. As originally implemented, Hack Modules in multiplayer were activated manually and would eventually expire. The progression for the multiplayer mode is seeing a revision as well, as the unlockable items will now be acquired through challenges that fit the player's playstyle.

As one of Bethesda's premier titles on the market, Doom has garnered plenty of praise and fervent admiration from the gaming community already. The most notable change of this update is that all DLCs in multiplayer have been unlocked and it will be available for everyone. The patch also makes major changes to multiplayer progression, while revising the UI, implementing a new rune system and offering better player information. Players who have taken to the multiplayer since launch will receive a badge indicating "veteran status". DOOM will also be discounted through this period to just $14.99, which appears to be the lowest it's been price so far (digitally, at least).

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The change will also, Stratton has explained, reset all players' levels to zero.

The PlayStation 4 trial weekend will start Thursday, July 27th, and all trial weekends will run until their respective Sunday. We'd encourage giving the game a shot and maybe even picking it up while you don't have to sell your soul for a copy. This is the base game plus all three DLC packs; moreover, you get to enjoy the multiplayer improvements.

  • Kyle Warner