Feds investigating why jet nearly landed on other planes

On Friday night, something freaky and very almost catastrophic happened: an Air Canada flight, descending into San Francisco International Airport, tried to land on the taxiway instead of on the runway, where four other fully loaded planes Saturday. Federal Aviation Administration is now investigating an incident where Air Canada flight 759 was diverted from landing on a taxiway - filled with four other planes fully loaded with passengers.

Peter Fitzpatrick, an Air Canada spokesman, said Flight AC759 from Toronto "landed normally without incident" after it initiated a "go-around".

Air Canada Flight 759, which had taken off from Toronto in Canada was about to land on a parallel taxiway instead of the runway.

The FAA said it continues to investigate the distance between the plane and the other jets when it landed on the taxiway. "He's on the taxiway", an unknown voice can be heard saying.

At 0.15 the Air Canada pilot asks if he's clear for landing as he "can see some lights on the runway there".

Captain Aimer said that if the tower hadn't been able to swiftly redirect the Air Canada plane, disaster would have followed.

"Yeah, I saw that guys", responded the air controller. "There is no one on 28R but you", the controller responds.

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Meanwhile, an audio recording has emerged of what are said to be last Friday's communications between air traffic controllers and pilots at San Francisco's airport.

'This is pretty huge, ' he said.

'They're a sitting duck on the taxiway. An Air Canada spokesman had no other comment after The Mercury News' request. Many instances could go unreported, and many times they involve smaller planes at smaller airports, he said.

The FAA and Air Canada are investigating what happened.

An investigation later revealed that the plane had been involved in a collision at an airport seven years earlier and not repaired to Boeing standard, leaving its bulkhead compromised and liable to rupture.

Thankfully, after the go-around, the Air Canada flight was able to land where it was supposed to successfully, despite TRYING TO LAND ON THE TAXIWAY MOMENTS BEFORE.

  • Megan Austin