Trump 'absolutely' still wants Mexico to pay for border 'wall'

"Both sides had a prior agreement that the issue would not be on the agenda".

"I can not stress enough how valuable the US-Mexico relationship is to each of our nations", he said.

But Pea Nieto has previously made it clear his country won't foot the bill for the massive project.

Under pressure from Democrats, the US Congress has so far refused to commit funding, agreeing only to finance maintenance on existing parts of a border fence.

The real battle for funding will take place for the next budget, the year 2018, which will begin on October 1st.

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In the meantime, issues such as Trump's border wall remain sensitive. "When will [Pena Nieto] dare to say to his face and in public that Mexico will not pay?" "And that's good. Right?", Trump told a crowd in Texas on June 22.

Putin, slightly hunched in his chair, rubbed his fingers together as he listened to Trump address reporters.

Following the bilateral meeting, the White House disclosed that both Trump and Nieto had discussed a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and "regional challenges, including drug trafficking, illegal immigration, and the crisis in Venezuela". After a meeting between the two leaders was canceled they ended the impasse with an hour-long telephone chat in which they agreed not to speak publicly about the wall.

Before that, both presidents delivered statements with Mr Trump hailing the "successful day" so far.

Speaking at the end of his trip to Hamburg for the G20 meeting, Pena Nieto told reporters that the relationship with the United States, Mexico's top trading partner, should instead focus on more positive ends - a view that he believed Trump also shared. Pena Nieto's spokesman Eduardo Sanchez called in to Mexican broadcaster Radio Formula from Hamburg, stating that the two presidents did not discuss the wall.

  • Marjorie Miles