Showtime Release The First Official Mayweather-McGregor Promo And It's Absolutely Incredible

On August 26, the trash-talking duo, 28 and 40 respectively, will lock horns with one another in a multi-million dollar boxing match.

That is a ton of money and more than a year's salary for most people, but for a fight fan like celebrity Dave Chappelle, it could be well worth the buck, especially when you consider it could be Mayweather's last fight ever. I think it's only going to have a positive effect. While the buildup for this fight has been long, the matchup has created a lot of excitement around what could happen, and this fight has the potential to be the biggest sporting event of the year.

"You've got MMA fighters calling me out". I've got a few presents for Conor McGregor.

No matter how many rounds McGregor spars or how much he seemingly progresses in the gym, what he is going to experience on fight night with Mayweather will surely be different from anything he's encountered.

It sounds as though Conor McGregor is settling into a training camp groove as he prepares to face Floyd Mayweather in their boxing megafight on August 26.

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"It feels great. Just having my home town backing me as well as Floyd Mayweather, to be on this undercard feels unbelievable".

"You have to respect everybody that goes into the ring, you have to respect everybody who puts the gloves on".

"I'm going to be ruthless in there", said McGregor, who is 21-3 in UFC. To be able to do four times the amount of sparring, the progress we're seeing - after each sparring session we do video analysis - and the progress we're seeing from one session to the next, like everything Conor does. Anyway he wants to do it, [McGregor] is gonna get whooped.

"I'll beat the s*** out of McGregor!"@Anezbitt has more. I've got a few things that I want to hand him.

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