Egyptian soldiers killed or wounded in Sinai attack

Over the past year, Daesh has expanded its attacks out of Sinai to target civilians, especially members of Egypt's Coptic Christian community. The ministry's account could not be independently confirmed as that part of the Sinai Peninsula is off limits to the media.

The UAE has also strongly condemned the terrorist attack, targeting a security patrol in Al Masoura district in Qatif province, Saudi Arabia.

Another 40 fighters were killed in a subsequent gun battle with soldiers at the checkpoint, an army spokesperson said on Friday.

Twenty-six Egyptian soldiers were killed or wounded on Friday in attacks on several checkpoints in Sinai that included auto bombings, the military said in a statement. The Egyptian Armed Forces did not clarify how numerous soldiers were killed in the attack.

The Islamic militant Hamas group, which rules the Gaza Strip, has denounced the attack earlier in the day in Egypt's Sinai as a "terrorist" assault.

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The officials initially put the death toll at 10 but later said that more bodies were pulled from under the rubble of a nearby building, used as a rest house for troops, that was destroyed in the attack.

"A vehicle broke into an army checkpoint in the village of Al-Bars, south of Rafah", the source said.

The officials told The Associated Press that some senior officers have voiced opposition to the location of the checkpoint, arguing that it provided no real cover.

_Ashraf Sweilam in El-Arish, Egypt. Then dozens of militants then arrived in 4x4 vehicles and fired machine-guns at the soldiers for about 30 minutes before fleeing the scene, the officials added. The army said later on Friday the attacks had killed and injured a total of 26 soldiers, but did not provide a breakdown of the figure. It did not name their affiliation. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.

  • Regina Walsh