White House gender pay gap worse than national average, report says

The data showed that female staffers face a bigger gender pay gap than American women on average, as well as women who worked in the White House previously.

Beginning in 1995, Congress has required the White House to report annually on those working for the president, listing their titles and salaries. Among the 22 second highest paid employees, who make $179,700, only six are women. Press Secretary Sean Spicer, White House Counsel Donald McGahn and chief strategist Stephen Bannon are among the men in that list. Three of the eight employees in that category are women.

Around 47 percent of the 359 regular employees at the White House are women - and 53 per cent men.

The news of the wider gender pay gap in Trump's White House comes as his administration considers disbanding Obama's White House Council on Women and Girls, responsible for monitoring the implementation of policy changes and liaising with women's groups, as reported by Politico.

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The total 377 staffers, who also include First Daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner who both receive nothing for their role of special advisors to the president, represent a "slimmer" White House than President Barack Obama's final year staff of 472 (down from 487 in his first year).

Therefore women are not making 80 cents for ever dollar paid to their male counterparts because this statement implies that women are being paid less than men for doing equal work when they are in fact doing different jobs that demand different salaries. During Barack Obama's a year ago, women were paid 10.75 percent less than their male counterparts.

In April, Ivanka Trump told her four million Twitter followers it was time to close the gender pay gap, writing, "women deserve equal pay for equal work".

CNN calculated the gender gap using employee names and research.

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