Blizzard teases Doomfist yet again - will this be the next Overwatch hero?

Blizzard teases Doomfist yet again - will this be the next Overwatch hero?


We've learned throughout the course of the game that Doomfist is the name taken on by the wielder of the Doomfist gauntlet, and that there has been more than one Doomfist. Many fingers seem to point towards the heavily anticipated Doomfist with the latest tease coming from an update to the official Overwatch website revealing new story details. His gauntlet was put on display at the Overwatch museum in Numbani.

The new Overwatch Doomfist news also appears to confirm that others might have escaped during the attack, while also confirming that Doomfist was back in action.

If you've been keeping up with Overwatch's release schedule of new maps and characters, then this news might be of interest to you.

Check out the post on the Overwatch site.

The report narrated that an unidentified aircraft approached the facility and passed through its defense systems without incident, most probably because the prison's technology was hacked by Sombra.

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It looks like Doomfist is finally going to arrive in the game though, with an in universe news bulletin revealing that the character is both a bad guy, and now on the loose after being broken out from a Helix prison by Reaper. The assailant overcame the Helix security guards, leaving over dozen deceased.

It is now unknown when an official reveal of the next character will be or even if Doomfist will come at all. The blog post states that Reaper freed the gauntlet user, leading to additional security breaches as well.

After escaping from the facility, the report says Ogundimu resurfaced in Numbani, where he easily destroyed the OR15 defense robots at the Adawe International Terminal and reclaimed the Doomfist.

What we do want, however, is more information on the hero, and we want to see him as soon as possible! The hero that's been teased since the first cinematic of Overwatch has eluded players ever since, and this reveal was assuredly some sort of drill or test, right?

Overwatch and Doomfist fans have been left a little bit puzzled by some odd activity from Blizzard overnight related to fabled hero Doomfist.

  • Kyle Warner