Transformers 5: the last straw

Director Michael Bay's film, the fifth in the Transformers series, totalled 69.1 million U.S. dollars (£53.9 million) in five days, after opening on Wednesday. Love him or hate him, you can't deny that he's as successful as he is because he's an incredibly talented director, and that shows in his work with the Transformers franchise. Taking that separation into consideration, it's probable that, if Sam were to make his presence felt in the future, it will be through quick but meaningful enough references similar to the one found in The Last Knight.

As Bay indicated to Fandango in June, the latest "Transformers" film is his last. They've gotten bigger and louder, but not much deeper.

The good news? Transformers 5 is wielding a sharper sword overseas, where it earned $196.2 million from its first 40 markets - including $123.4 million in China alone - for a global start of $265.3 million.

"The Last Knight" comes at a time when Paramount could have used an all-around hit, following recent misses "Baywatch" and "Ghost in the Shell".

Transformers: The Last Knight officially holds the record for the smallest opening weekend in the franchise thus far. The franchise has historically been massively profitable and seen solid multiples for the studio.

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As for his worldwide allegiance, Brewer said if he ever makes to test level it would be a case of "whoever comes knocking first". Ash Dixon captains the side from hooker as part of a pack which includes Elliot Dixon, Liam Messam and Akira Ioane .

The Beguiled, which debuted in four cinemas, earned $241,000 for a theater average of $60,136.

The movie sees Mark Wahlberg return as inventor Cade Yeager in a world where humans are warring against the titular robots - and Optimus Prime is gone. "This is Focus' third collaboration with Sofia, and she's created an entertaining, atmospheric thriller featuring strong female representation in front of and behind the camera".

Indeed, no matter how much critics have savaged these films for the incoherent plots or the overwhelming amount of noise, they have to give the director credit for consistently churning out money-making blockbusters of this scale. This weekend, it should earn an additional $25.2 million, bringing its domestic total to $318.4 million. On Friday, the film became the highest-grossing live-action flick directed by a woman of all time and Patty Jenkins is already looking at a sequel. In fact, Disney's Cars 3 in its second weekend finished in a tie with Wonder Woman's fourth weekend. The family film, which won last weekend's box office, is expected to pass the $100 million mark in North America by Monday.

On a budget of $260million, there was no doubt The Last Knight would look spectacular, but things really have stepped up a gear. With two more days to go, will it be able to keep the number one spot throughout its full opening weekend? This is becoming an increasing pattern at the struggling summer box office, with overseas sales helping to save this summer's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, a domestic disappointment, and providing the last hope for The Mummy, which has topped the worldwide box office for the past two weeks despite being buried domestically.

  • Stacy Houston