Google wants to help you find your next job

Google wants to help you find your next job


Less time hunting, more time applying as every job is only a Google Search away.

Google's new feature will list single job postings in a box above traditional web search results.

Google today launched Google for Jobs, its artificial intelligence job search tool that shows job postings from sites such as LinkedIn, Monster and CareerBuilder.

Google announced its search-based Google for Jobs at I/O this year, but the feature has only appeared intermittently as a test since then.

This means you can use Google search to input generic queries such as catering jobs near me, teaching jobs, or similar job-seeking queries to gain access to relevant job positions right here.

'One major part of this effort is launching an improved experience for job seekers on Google Search.

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Users looking for a job will be able to filter terms and positions in their determined location, allowing them to find more specific openings than other job listing sites.

Google has built some wonderful search technology over the years. Zakrasek said his team has no plans to include paid listings in the new job listing service. Google is known to index everything, so it is also going to pull in listings from the company's official websites.

Users will also able to search alerts for their job search and will get an email notification when there are new employment opportunities available. Google will also show employer ratings from current and former workers, as well as typical commute times to where a job is located.

The latest use of machine learning has seen the search giant create a jobs search page - dubbed Google for Jobs. "We want the players in the ecosystem to be more successful". In a statement, a Google representative said: "We hope this will act as an incentive for sites to share all the pertinent details in their listings for job seekers". Anything beyond that is not in Google's wheelhouse, Zakrasek added.

Google's new job search feature is here.

  • Kyle Warner