Boxer who was in critical condition after fight is dead, family says

UFC veteran Tim Hague has passed away, his family announced on Sunday.

Former UFC fighter Tim Hague died Sunday after going into critical condition following a Friday night boxing match.

"He was so strong, a fighter right to the very end".

But in the second round of the contest, Braidwood delivered a brutal left-right combination that sent Hague crashing to the canvas.

Not a lot of information other than the situation being really serious has been released as of now.

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The post originally read: 'Once we got Tim backstage and with the doctor we could tell he needed to go to the hospital.

Tim is now in a coma. In his UFC debut, Hague picked up a submission win over Pat Berry, unfortunately, he lost all four of his other UFC bouts that followed, continuing to fight on the Canadian regional scene, and most recently dropping a first round KO loss in Russian Federation, which took place almost a year before his boxing loss last night. From there, things turned grave as the Canadian had to have surgery to relieve pressure from his brain bleeding.

Our deepest condolences go out to Hague's family and friends during this hard and tragic time.

Another source close to the fighter revealed that he was brain dead. His overall MMA record stands at 21 wins and 13 losses.

"Following the news that boxer Tim Hague is in critical condition following a professional boxing match on Friday, June 16, 2017, we have extended the request for reports to all referees, ringside judges, physicians, chief inspector, paymaster and the presiding inspectors assigned to the bout". He had lost four of his last five MMA bouts.

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