Major League Baseball to allow personalized jerseys and more during new "Players Weekend"

According to a memo obtained by Yahoo!

Yahoo Sports reported the league will allow players the option to wear their nicknames on the backs on their jerseys, but "inappropriate and offense" words will not be allowed.

Passan listed spikes, batting gloves, wristbands and catcher's masks among the pieces of equipment "with minimal color restrictions", although he noted they can not interfere with the game or umpires. White gloves, wristbands and sleeves will not be allowed.

And a player can personalize a patch on his uniform, highlighting "an individual or organization that was instrumental to his development".

The event, which is being negotiated between the league and the players' union, is being planned for August 25-27.

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The proceeds from any jersey sales will be donated to the Youth Development Foundation.

It all makes sense.

On the other hand, despite the NFL's strict reputation, Major League Baseball might be taking a small page out of its book nonetheless. Someone really ought to put "He Hate Me" on the back of his jersey as a tribute to Rod Smart.

While the NFL is often tabbed as the "No Fun League", Major League Baseball is now making a case to solidify itself as just the opposite. Will we one day see the Cubs wearing Smokey Bear-themed jerseys, or maybe the Phillies sponsored by blunts? But who cares? I want to see baseball teams in ridiculous uniforms.

  • Stacy Houston