The Crew 2 features planes, boats, and automobiles

The Crew 2 features planes, boats, and automobiles


At its annual E3 conference, The Ivory Tower revealed The Crew 2, and this time around you'll have more vehicles to use as you race for the title "King of All Motorsport".

However, this time around players will be doing more than just racing in cars.

At this early stage, it appears that the biggest addition to The Crew's world are boats, bikes, and planes.

The Crew 2 is slated for a March 2018 release.

As part of their recent year-end financial briefing Ubisoft announced a trio of sequels - Far Cry 5, Assassin's Creed Origins, and The Crew 2.

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A wild and wacky trailer for The Crew 2 has debuted.

Although The Crew didn't get the greatest of reviews, it still has around 5 million players and the open-world nature of it makes it great fun.

Push boundaries and take on new experiences in iconic locations.

Gamers can register for the official The Crew 2 beta now, where they will get an early chance to be among the first racers ever to take to either sky or sea in The Crew 2.

"You won't just be able to drive across the Rocky Mountains - you'll be able to soar through the clouds high above their majestic peaks". They'll hook you up with new rides, and they'll introduce you to their own unique motorsports culture and set of disciplines. "Through competitions and chance encounters, players will find and hone their personal style, collect and customize dream rides, show them off and make their mark on the United States motorsports scene".

  • Kyle Warner