Draymond Green calls Cavs fans 'rude' after mother deals with hecklers

However, after getting called up, the referees seriously just re-imagined reality by changing the original technical to Steve Kerr instead of Draymond, so that Green could stay in the game. "They don't seem to be the sharpest people around".

"Yeah, they're fine. It happens every year". The technical foul was a weak one, and probably shouldn't have been called, but it was. He said he knew all along the first tech wasn't on him.

Officials John Goble and Mike Callahan explained that they weren't listening to the PA announcer well enough, but hopefully for National Basketball Association fans they'll have their ears open for Game 5 on Monday in Oakland. In the box score, Green was listed with one technical foul heading into the second half. At first, everyone thought he was ejected, because he had also been called for a tech at the 1:55 mark of the first quarter, and two techs sends you packing. But I thought I heard the PA announcer say the first was on Draymond.

Late in Game 4 previous year, Green swiped at LeBron James' groin and was subsequently given a flagrant foul.

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Draymond Green was asked Thursday about the Cavs fans who were caught on camera harassing his mother after Golden State's Game 3 win in Cleveland.

Listen, even as a Warriors fan, this is some really bad looks for the National Basketball Association.

"Thank God I get to play in Game 5", Green said.

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