Man jumps into moving car to save driver having a seizure

A dash cam in a police auto travelling behind the vehicle recorded Tompkins diving through the passenger window and putting on the brake.

Dash cam video from Dixon Police shows the driver of a blue auto lost control of his vehicle Friday afternoon, running through a red light and into oncoming lanes of travel.

Dashcam video then shows Tompkins backing up his truck to avoid a collision before coming to the driver's aid.

On Friday, in Dixon, Illinois, Tompkins jumped through the open window of a moving auto to potentially save someone's life. What the police didn't know, was that the driver was having a seizure and was incapacitated behind the wheel of his slowly moving vehicle. I saw him coming at me, so I backed up real fast to the side and jumped out and jumped in his auto to stop it. That's when a resident, identified as Randy Tompkins, made his move.

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Tompkins admitted on social media that after his act of heroism, his "adrenaline is still going".

The Friday incident near North Galena and 4th avenues was captured by a police dash-cam.

Police reportedly haven't released the name of the driver, who was taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution. "I asked him to keep me posted and he said he would do so". Hell, if my sister was still single, I'd even go as far as giving him her phone number, but since that isn't the case, the "job well done" will have to do. That's some remarkably quick thinking and selfless action, there.

  • Megan Austin