Some of the funniest reactions to Theresa May's no-show

"Take a look out your window, she might be out there sizing up your house to pay for social care".

She said: "Part of being a good leader is having a good strong team around you and I am proud and delighted to be here representing the Conservative party". Scottish National Party (SNP) deputy leader Angus Roberston said the prime minister had put her party before the country in calling an election because she thought she would win a massive majority, describing her as "not so much the Iron Lady as the U-turn Queen".

She also highlighted "success in cutting the deficit, stabilising the economy and getting more people into work", accused Mr Corbyn of relying on a "magic money tree" to fund his policies and being "very good at defending the terrorists" over his voting record. She can't be bothered, so why should you?

Others accused the prime minister of arrogance, with Green co-leader Caroline Lucas declaring that "the first rule of leadership is to show up".

"Judge us on our record", Rudd declared, with some members of the public bursting into laughter.

Theresa May didn't attend the live debate as she insisted she was focusing on Brexit. You are not worth Theresa May's time.

The Greens co-leader was praised for challenging Ms Rudd about why the United Kingdom is the second biggest arms dealer in the world, while Mr Robertson was commended for accusing Labour of "aping Ukip" on immigration. "Have you seen people sleeping around our stations?" he said.

Provocative Israeli parade in occupied Jerusalem focus of dailies — Newspapers Review
Herzog added that there were far more pressing matters in Jerusalem than the presence of the USA embassy there. President Trump speaks at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem on May 23.

Ms Lucas, who performed strongly throughout, said Ms Rudd's response on disability benefits was "downright insulting".

Ms Rudd said the plans would mean winter fuel payments will not be paid to millionaires but would not give specific figures.

Earlier in the day, the Prime Minister had made her excuses for not turning up - including that she couldn't possibly let herself be distracted by an election, even if she did call it herself.

"If you intervene somewhere, the consequences go on for a very long time", he said. "I really think he must be held accountable for that because I find it chilling".

"My opposition to anti-terror legislation isn't opposition to protecting us from terrorism".

As the debate drew to a close, Mr Nuttall concluded by boasting: "We have been proven right on Brexit, proved right on immigration, proved right on grammar schools, proved right on protecting our police and security services". Don't give her yours'.

  • Regina Holmes