AMD Details Ryzen Mobile, Threadripper, Radeon Vega, and Epyc at Computex 2017

We attended AMD's Press Conference event today in Taipei, Taiwan at Computex, where the company discussed its existing and new products for 2017. "Immediately it peaks all 32 threads and just an incredible amount of horsepower", said Kevin Lensing, general manager of the Client Business Unit at AMD. This is an exclusive deal between AMD and Asus and there is little that we know about this partnership at the moment. The ASUS Republic of Gamers Strix GL7027C laptop will actually use a Ryzen 7 CPU, making it the world's first 8-core gaming laptop. "Dell is committed to providing the best Ready for VR and PC Gaming solutions for all budgets and levels of play; AMD's Ryzen™ processor delivers fast responsiveness and performance at a great price for gaming, VR and other computing needs". AMD is now in the process of slowly releasing information about the chip to build up interest ahead of its launch - which, before you ask, hasn't been set yet and is still "this summer".

Although AMD's Epyc CPU is aimed at servers and workstations, there's a good chance Threadripper will resemble Epyc a lot more than previous Ryzen CPUs.

As expected, AMD dished more details on the forthcoming ThreadRipper lineup, which tops out with 16 cores and 32 threads.

AMD didn't offer any updated availability details for ThreadRipper, which is scheduled for release this summer. RX Vega will be launched at SIGGRAPH at the end of July. We noticed visible tearing during the session, which is likely due to the projector that AMD used for the presentation. During the show, ASUS has unveiled the first AMD X399 motherboard which is compatible with the upcoming AMD Threadripper processors. "Additionally, the ecosystem enthusiasm is evident as we start to see the first wave of Ryzen-based systems from top OEMs join the hundreds of motherboards and system integrator systems already in-market".

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AMD officials also showed off the company's upcoming Ryzen-based mobile chip in what looked like a reference convertible laptop. The demo featured the Ryzen mobile-powered notebook playing HD video content.

AMD will launch the Frontier Edition intended for professional usage in the coming weeks.

On the graphics side, AMD's Radeon Vega Frontier Edition graphics card for AI and deep learning applications will be made available on June 27, while consumer gaming graphics cards based on the same Vega architecture will be launched at the Siggraph conference near the end of July.

  • Kyle Warner