Lea Michele cried after meeting her 'idol' Celine Dion

After finishing her performance, the singer - who weathered the deaths of both her husband and brother early previous year - mouthed "thank you's" and soaked in the crowd's applause for close to a minute.

Celine Dion wore a dramatic Stephane Rolland Haute Couture for her performance at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. The huge climbs and lung-busting notes in "My Heart Will Go On" have stymied many karaoke singers, but Dion once again demonstrated her impressive vocal range and ending the song with handsome melismatic run. (The subtitle of the earlier version was "The Journey to the End of Bad Taste.") In both books, Wilson explores, among other things, critics' disdain for Dion and her fans' devotion. "We went together. She's fantastic", America's Next Top Model judge Law gushed to Entertainment Tonight. She just lost the love of her life, and she holds herself with such poise; and she's taking care of her voice and trying to stay true to herself. I don't think people get to realize that she's really a student of the game.

Did they make YOU a believer??

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The music icon performed the infamous ballad while scenes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet from the Oscar-winning film played in the background. "And when I sing it, I used to sing it for the fans, and now I sing it for us".

"I brought maybe 15 dresses [to Celine] and this one, I knew".

"The difference now is that Celine is seen as a figure of nostalgia for a more innocent (pre-9/11 etc.) time, and as a survivor (her hard pregnancies, her husband's death) and someone whose heart really has gone on", Wilson says.

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