DHS extends protected status for Haitians for six months

The Trump administration is going to extend humanitarian protections for tens of thousands of Haitian immigrants who have been living in the United States since a deadly natural disaster.

In addition, Kelly said he had heard from the Haitian government regarding its desire to welcome Haitian TPS recipients. A final decision about the long-term fate of those immigrants will be decided at a later date.

San Diego saw a more recent influx of Haitians who left their country in 2010 to work in Brazil following the quake.

The department said the Haitian government has agreed to welcome TPS recipients back into the country in the near future and that the extension is meant for Haitians under the protected status to make arrangements to return back to Haiti.

For our fellow Haitian residents, who have built lives here like all of us, this is chilling news.

Haitian participation in the program has been regularly renewed for 18-month intervals and the latest extension expires in July.

Kelly chose to extend TPS for six months ― until early next year.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John Kelly said on a statement on Monday that his department urges Haitians protected under TPS to "prepare for and arrange their departure from the United States. or to apply for other immigration benefits". The judge rejected the claim that the executive order applies only to a relatively small pot of money and said President Donald Trump can not set new conditions on spending approved by Congress. But as he and others have noted during the past few weeks, Haiti has yet to recover from devastating natural disasters and a cholera outbreak that has killed thousands, and uprooting tens of thousands of people who have USA citizen kids, work and pay taxes, and have built their lives here since the 2010 Haiti quake could mean not only misery for them, but have vast reverberations. Frederica Wilson, a Democrat who represents Miami's Little Haiti community, both said they'd like Trump administration officials to visit Haiti.

The issue is important in Florida, which has the largest Haitian immigrant population in the US, and is the state where numerous estimated 58,000 Haitians who are under the temporary protections live.

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Healey said her office would "continue to urge DHS to extend this status until Haiti, hard hit by natural disasters and public health crises, is able to support the return of these individuals and families now in MA and across the country".

"It's going to create chaos in the country", said Assemb. Michaelle Solages (D-Elmont), who is Haitian-American and advocated for an 18-month TPS extension.

"We'll have to use this time to fight", Sassine said. The Trump administration says it will only extend the program for six more months. Immigration was a top campaign issue and one that's important to his political base.

DHS denied that, telling VOA in an email at the time that "the secretary's decision will be based on a thorough assessment of the conditions in the country...."

Advocacy groups also jumped on the issue after The Associated Press earlier this month published leaked emails from a DHS staffer asking for numbers on crime rates involving Haitian nationals in the USA, as well as how many Haitians sought government assistance. "We plan to continue to work closely with the Haitian government, including assisting the government in proactively providing travel documents for its citizens".

Officials said Kelly made a decision to extend TPS based on current conditions on the ground.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) sent a vastly different report about Haiti's conditions in December.

"They are trying to play with words, claiming they are extending it for six months", Bastien said.

  • Phil Peters