Mental Health And Motherhood

Mayor Hubbard said there is more mental health awareness training inside city departments.

In response to these findings, the Mental Health Foundation is calling for the introduction of a "100 per cent health" screen - incorporating mental health screening into existing health screening programmes so that mental health conditions are spotted and treated before they become acute. The more we learn about mental health issues, the more we can help educate others. MHA (www.mentalhealthamerica) has put together tools and resources to help individuals and communities raise awareness of the risks that these types of behaviors present - especially to young people - and help people who may be struggling to detect early warning signs and seek help early.

But mental health issues tend to be less visible, so they are generally lower in the order of political priorities. And we don't need a special month to remind us of that. However, we often do not know all the facts. We ask ourselves so many questions and begin to doubt our ability to be a mother, but we forget to take into consideration that every child is different and their rate of developing will also be different. Mental Health Month works not just because it is about what others can do for us, but what we can do for ourselves. In these places, there is recognition that appointments need to be made quickly; that parents, who may suffer from mental health issues themselves, need to be involved; that schools need to be kept in the loop as diagnosis and treatment progress; and that a single key professional works with the child and observes him or her in all settings. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance plans are required to cover 10 health services deemed as essential - including mental health. It provides examples of how people experience symptoms of mental illnesses differently.

GETTYTwo in five of those surveyed believe they have experienced depression in their lives

Mental health is, undoubtedly, an essential segment of health care, and a quick look at this nation's social ills demonstrates the far-reaching tentacles of inadequate care. As with many aspects of health care, waiting for minor mental health problems to manifest themselves as serious maladies is costly to patients and to the health system as a whole. SPVMHC works closely with local court systems and provides prevention programs created to discourage bullying and substance use/abuse to local school districts.

He added that it has helped to 'open up conversations about the importance of mental health and encouraged the children to feel confident about seeking support for their emotional and mental health'.

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