Senate passes government funding bill, now heads to President Trump

Democrats, though, were elated. And the Trump administration's gambit to try to tie Affordable Care Act subsidies to the wall didn't work, either. While it failed to include numerous items Trump had requested, he is expected to sign the bill before midnight Friday, when without his signature the government would shut down.

Missing is money for Trump's border wall and efforts to punish cities that don't comply with federal immigration authorities.

North Korea's aggressive testing of ballistic missiles, security and economic issues are expected to be on the agenda for the leaders' talks, as well as an agreement Turnbull struck with then-President Barack Obama to take up to 1,250 mostly Muslim refugees off of Australia's hands and resettle them in the United States.

So when the narrative started to become that he didn't get what he wanted out of a new spending bill, which will keep the government open through September, Trump got upset. Republicans control both chambers, and they want to avoid a government shutdown. Some have said they were within single digits of getting the 216 votes needed to prevail.

Congressional Republicans and Democrats ignored Trump's proposal to cut billions of dollars from domestic programs, agreeing instead to provide funds for Planned Parenthood and the National Institutes of Health.

The president has said the bill is "a clear win for the American people", and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said, "this is what winning looks like".

"I wish he'd think twice before he tweets", said Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain (R-Ariz.).

That prompted Rep. Tom Cole, suggest a "second coming" may not be far off.

Trump said Sunday in an interview broadcast on CBS News's "Face the Nation" that latest bill would "beautifully" protect those with pre-existing conditions - which is not fully true. "It's a product of genuine compromise". Age-old political pressures, bitter feelings left over from past budget fights and the looming 2018 elections are conspiring to make crafting next year's budget a full contact sport.

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said on Monday that Trump will seek to have his priorities included in the budget for Fiscal Year 2018, which begins on October 1. Negotiations are ongoing and expectations for the administration to make its mark will be heightened.

Congress is expected to vote on the compromise deal in the next couple of days.

Trump has insisted that the wall will get built, telling Fox News on Tuesday that "the wall's happening". A vote on that bill hasn't happened yet despite White House promises it would be any day now. "This gets at that". He and other moderates have complained that the legislation erodes protections under Obama's law by opening the door for insurers to charge people with pre-existing illnesses unaffordable premiums.

"This is called spin". Here are the Republican and Democratic wins in the $1 trillion funding package.

Trump briefly referenced the health care measure with remarks during a White House ceremony honoring the Air Force's football team, asking lawmakers in the audience how the bill was faring. "Maybe, but it is not part of the equation before us", Upton said.

"No longer will the needs of our military be held hostage by the demands for more domestic spending", Ryan said.

Trump was responding to a bipartisan bill on federal spending that is likely to be passed by Congress this week.

He called the provision a "victory for families and students throughout the District of Columbia".

But Republicans have expressed enthusiasm over the inclusion of $25 billion in increased defense appropriations, additional border security funding and language authorizing the expansion of charter schools. Find us on Facebook too!

  • Megan Austin