Motorola reportedly working on a tablet with 'Productivity Mode'

Motorola reportedly working on a tablet with 'Productivity Mode'


Where tablets have been a drought area for Motorola, smartphones have been something where it has continued to see growth. That apart, there aren't any other details about the tablet's specifications such as the processor it comes with or its hardware. The screenshot below gives a little bit of insight about the feature, including the pinned apps in the task bar.

Android Police doesn't offer any information about a possible release date, but just the fact that Motorola has a prototype of such a device is interesting in itself.

Motorola is no stranger to the tablet market, but it's been many years since it waded into that pool. However, it was later spotted by 9To5Google that the feature, or some of its behavior, may have been pulled from Lenovo's Yoga Book laptop-tablet hybrid that was released past year.

Apparently, this indicates some sort of "Productivity Mode" in the new tablet. The slide indicates that users should be able to switch between those apps by tapping on their icons in the nav bar.

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The Productivity Mode is available as a toggle-to-switch-on feature on the tablet's user interface.

Moto's parent company Lenovo usually holds a summer showcase for new products so there's a chance we could be seeing this slate rock up next month. Among other things, the tablet will feature a premium look and possibly a 10-inch display. Although the tablet delivered on features and performance, its pricing may have turned off consumers.

CNET last reviewed a Motorola tablet in 2011.

Furthermore, the Productivity Mode shifts all the Android navigation buttons to one side of the tablet screen. I love being productive, it's just that I can't get over the possibility that this source's information is actually pointing to the Lenovo Tab 4 10, which was unveiled to the world at MWC 2017 and is very much not a secret.

  • Kyle Warner