Branstad Signs Voter ID Bill Into Law

Planned Parenthood posted on its Facebook page late Thursday that it will appeal the ruling to the Iowa Supreme Court.

"In the two hours we saw patients between the governor signing this legislation into law and when the temporary injunction was ordered, havoc was wreaked on many patients' lives". "I'm looking forward to signing the bill and I'm very hopeful that it will be upheld by the courts".

Planned Parenthood argues this waiting period creates an undue burden on women seeking abortions, especially for poor or rural women, or women who may be at risk for domestic violence.

A county judge will allow a mandatory 72-hour waiting period to go into effect for abortions in Iowa.

This bill would make Iowa the sixth state to require a 72-hour waiting period, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a research group that supports abortion rights. "The 20-week ban is not the gold standard that we're looking for". Another 11 women with medication abortions set for next Tuesday could now be in jeopardy of losing that option, she said.

The law, passed by Iowa's Republican-controlled House and Senate last month, bans abortions once a pregnancy reaches 20 weeks and stipulates a three-day waiting period before women can undergo any abortion.

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The new Iowa law helps to ensure that women receive information about the abortion and their unborn baby, as well as time to consider that information before making an irreversible decision about their baby's life.

Women in the United States have the right under the Constitution to end a pregnancy, but abortion opponents have pushed for tougher regulations, particularly in conservative states. Gov. Branstad signed it into law at 8:30 a.m. Friday.

"The act thus imposes a medically unnecessary mandatory delay", they argued, adding that physicians who violate the mandatory delay and additional trip requirements are subject to discipline.

Republicans claim the bill will prevent voter fraud, but Democrats says the new law will make it harder to vote.

The state Supreme Court on Friday issued the injunction after it was denied Thursday by a district judge.

However, Branstad on Thursday praised the Legislature for passing the bill and a separate measure earmarking state money for family planning at clinics that do not provide abortions.

  • Marjorie Miles