Is Ubisoft hinting at a Far Cry 3 remake or sequel?

Is Ubisoft hinting at a Far Cry 3 remake or sequel?


Since Ubisoft hasn't confirmed anything about this so far, the field is open to speculation.

This could turn out to be the company gauging interest in a new Far Cry game set in the universe inhabited by Jason Brody and Citra, or maybe a tease for a remaster. All the more intriguing are the captions that go alone with the images, translated from French to "an island we never truly left" on Facebook, and "does that remind of you something?" on Instagram. In both cases this appears to be related to Far Cry 3 due to the art work used.

It also linked to a picture of Far Cry 3 villain and fan favourite, Vaas, accompanied by his most famous line of dialogue. Let us know in the comments.

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With E3 around the corner, we won't be surprised to see Ubisoft announce something soon. Fans have been eager to play another game in the franchise ever since the last game in the series, Far Cry Primal, released to mixed reviews in 2016.

Some people believe that Ubisoft might be hinting at a Far Cry 3 port for the Playstation 4 or Xbox One.

'We've heard back from Ubisoft PR, who has clarified to us that this was simply a "throwback post" and not a tease for anything'.

  • Kyle Warner