Nintendo announces new Nintendo 2DS XL system

In perhaps the most random gaming console launch of all time, Nintendo pulled out a new console out of nowhere and announced it for a July release. The Nintendo 2DS XL gaming device gives consumers a third choice of hand-held game systems, one that offers pricing and features that fit between the Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL systems. The new handheld costs $149.99 and is planned for launch on July 28. One important question, though, is whether or not the 3DS line will continue to receive big new games in the wake of the Switch launch. However, the new handheld video game system will display visuals in 2D, just like the name "2DS" suggests. We're still getting a torrent of great games on the system this year - and likely many more in future.

Nintendo said the new console will play all Nintendo DS, 3DS, and new 3DS games, including stellar games like Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The latest addition to the 2DS/3DS family offers the same big-screen experience of the New 3DS XL while maintaining the low-priced approach of the first 2DS console. It will also have a foldable body, unlike its predecessor, but it will be the same with the rest of the 3DS consoles.

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This news came as a surprise to many, and if you're like me, you saw someone share an article on Facebook and went "That's clearly fake". It features the same improved processing power the 3DS XL has along with an NFC reader for Amiibo support and a c-stick for camera control in select titles.

The announcement of the new handheld video game system comes nearly 10 days after the gaming giant announced that it is ending production of the NES Classic. Nintendo's latest quarterly earnings report revealed that in its first month of availability - up to March 31 - it sold 2.74 million units, significantly exceeding its predictions of two million sales for the same period. Pikmin and Miitopia, two new games Nintendo plans to launch on July 28.

However, there are some differences that Nintendo is using to justify the higher price for the 3DS XL. But that's just what's happened with the New 2DS XL, sort of.

  • Regina Walsh