Fox News Is Reportedly Looking For A Woman To Run The Network

Jack Abernethy and Bill Shine were named co-presidents of Fox News not long after Ailes's July departure from the network.

Just days after lead network personality Bill O'Reilly was canned from the network in the wake of sexual harassment allegations, Fox News was slapped with a class-action racial discrimination lawsuit.

This week, The Washington Post reported, a combined total of 13 current and former employees of Fox News took three separate legal actions, alleging years of "hostile racial discrimination".

The development comes after former star host Bill O'Reilly was sacked over sexual harassment allegations.

Fox News' ratings were still high right after O'Reilly left the network.

Shine has reportedly received some flak for sweeping prior harassment allegations under the rug; The Hollywood Reporter noted that his promotion as co-president "rankled" some Fox News employees, especially women, who saw him as "complicit in the sins of the past". Shine's name has appeared in multiple lawsuits against Fox, Ailes, and O'Reilly. In December, the network hired Kevin Lord, the former General Electric/NBC human resources chief, to head up their HR department.

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The 20-year veteran of Fox News is named as a defendant in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros, and considered a hold-over from an Ailes era tarred by scandal.

Kelly, who has worked at Fox since 2003 and has received two Emmy awards for his documentary work, said that he "reluctantly" joined the thirteen employees now accusing Fox News of racial discrimination in NY state court. For a time, Luhn said, Shine was even tasked with monitoring her outgoing emails.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Murdochs are bent on sending out a strong message about their commitment to keeping Fox News' working environment "a workplace based on the values of respect and trust" as they had outlined in previous public statements - and what better way to signal their intent than to hire a woman at the very top?

Shine started his career at Fox News as a producer on Hannity & Colmes, the program Hannity hosted with the late Alan Colmes.

But ultimately, Wright said Fox News has not "effectively pursued... diversity and inclusion of all people".

One source told THR he was known as "Roger's bag man". Hannity replied to Sherman's tweet by adding that this would be the "end of FNC [Fox News Channel] as we know it".

  • Stacy Houston