UK's Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election

The Prime Minister used a campaign visit to Leeds to urge Labour supporters to "lend" her their votes so Britain could have the "strongest possible hand" in the up-coming negotiations.

"Where jobs, the economy and retaining the benefits of the Single Market and the Customs Union are our priority".

She says she intends to meet people all over the country and that she debates Jeremy Corbyn every week in the House of Commons during Prime Minister's Questions, so the whole exercise is unnecessary. But since they are going to be fighting the election on a ticket that would "avoid a disastrous hard Brexit", according to leader Tim Farron, they could gain many more seats as a backlash from the 48 per cent who voted to stay in the European Union in the referendum.

He said: "I said I wanted people's voices to be heard in Parliament". He said a Labour government would make that promise "on day one". Where hard-fought workplace rights and the environment are protected.

"Our position, the Government's position has always been that if membership of the single market meant that we could not restrict, we could not end freedom of movement, we would have to leave the single market".

Pressed on whether this could mean abandoning Britain's ability to cut non-EU trade deals, Sir Keir said: "We have to get the right deal with the EU".

Mrs May told ministers it was important to get across the message that the country was being offered a choice between what she called "strong and stable leadership" under her or "a coalition of chaos and instability led by a floundering, weak and nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn that will put our nation's future at risk".

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"We are talking about recycled fake news".

Starmer accused May's government of "taking option after option off the table" before talks even start.

Starmer told BBC radio her stance was part of her "rigid" and "reckless " strategy that was alienating European Union negotiators before the talks have started in earnest and that Labour would set a more conciliatory tone to win a good deal which would include preferential access to the bloc's single market.

Starmer said Labour would ditch May's plan for a Great Repeal Bill — which will transpose all EU law into British law when the country leaves the bloc — and replace it with an EU Rights and Protections Bill to ensure that workplace rights and environmental standards are not watered down after Brexit. Yet, our opponents are already trying to disrupt them.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said this week: "We now how tough this election is going to be, yes we are miles behind in the polls, but who believes the polls anymore?"

"I think that's the most powerful argument for Labour in this election, because of the way the polls are and the way the opinion polls are on the leadership issue".

  • Ronnie Bowen