The Google Assistant opens up to third-party hardware, launches SDK

The Google Assistant opens up to third-party hardware, launches SDK


While Google's AI chatbot launched a year ago, it's really come into form over the past few months, with an array of third-party actions, support for all Marshmallow and Nougat phones, Android Wear integration, and most recently, the ability to access millions of recipes. All you have to do is launch Google Assistant on your Android phone or call it up on Google Search.

Google Home may not be on-sale here officially as yet, but the feature list keeps on growing.

The smart assistance made by Google is now able to offer you opportunities that extend beyond accessing 5 million recipes. Once they find the one they link, it can easily be sent to Google Home with just one tap.

This isn't created to just make Google Home clones.

It's pulling these recipes from the likes of Bon Appetit and Food Network so there's bound to be something for everyone. The SDK allows you to capture a spoken query, for example "what's on my calendar", pass that up to the Google Assistant service and receive an audio response.

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Getting started isn't hard, and hopefully the recipes aren't either. Once you pick your favorite, select the "Send to Google Home" button. The same can be done with previous steps. This will allow developers to run the Google Assistant on their own hardware prototypes. Ask your speaker for a recipe.

When you're ready for the next step, say, "Ok Google, what's step two", or if you need to repeat something, say, "Ok Google, repeat".

A-OK, Google: Assistant may be the newest AI chatbot on the block, but it's rapidly becoming one of the best.

The new Google Home feature will roll out to the smart speaker from next week.

  • Kyle Warner