Anti-Trump Scientists to Promote 'Environmental and Climate Literacy' on National Mall

It's the Republican party, they argue, that has made science political by joining with industry front groups to spread doubt and denial, and it's Donald Trump's censorship of government employees, his climate denial, and his proposed cuts to science programs at places like NASA which prompted the march.

Others-including local organizers-are taking this notion of science appreciation a step further, and calling for specific advocacy in opposition to the Trump administration. I am anxious that my granddaughter, now 2 1/2-years-old, will grow up to live in a world strikingly different from that we enjoyed and prospered from during the last half of the 20th century.

Chief concerns among the scientific community when it comes to the Trump administration are a cavalier attitude toward climate change - the president once called global warming a hoax created by China - and a budget proposal that slashes billions in funding for scientific research.

This Saturday, scientists and science advocates from all walks of life will converge on Washington, D.C. and in cities throughout the country to draw attention to the need for evidence-based policies.

Geology professor and AAAS Science award-winner Anne Egger is an invited speaker at Seattle's March for Science on Earth Day, April 22. "Maybe it is becoming a political issue, but I think that pretending that it's not is potentially" a risk.

The coalition includes the The Carrie Dickerson Foundation, the Green Country Sierra Club, All Souls Green Team, Tulsa Blue Thumb joined with March for Science, Tulsa.

"#ScienceMarch also represents a tragic lost opportunity to do better than science's racist, sexist, ableist, colonialist, oppressive past", she tweeted. It is for anyone who wants to ensure that research is continued, that we can continue to collaborate globally and that research is allowed to be accessed by the public. "Because attacks on science don't just hurt scientists, they hurt scientists' ability to protect the people, and climate change epitomizes that". Bonoan will be giving a lecture on honey bees at a museum in MA during the march, but will be wearing a March for Science t-shirt in solidarity.

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During the Harper Government, Canada witnessed what happens when science is undermined, Savage said, citing examples of funding cuts and "government minders" who would tell scientists what that could and couldn't say about their research.

On the other hand, polls show that the public supports scientists and the work they do. "I think this is a really good awakening for the science community to realize that wall exists and thinking about the way they present their information to the public and putting it out there in a way that's easily absorbable". "This is not healthy for science, and more broadly, in terms of how scientists engage with policymakers".

"We must make a sustained effort to engage the public and to make science meaningful, relevant, and captivating".

"There was this building desire among scientists to become more willing to enter into the political discussion, and we sort of got the timing right to become the fulcrum for that", says Berman, who became one of the national organisers of the March for Science.

More than 1,300 people are expected to gather at Milwaukee's Red Arrow Saturday afternoon to march for science. We've chosen this field because we're passionate about science, we're passionate about climate, and we're frankly turning down much larger paychecks that we could be making doing other things. "This moment is bigger than the scientific community".

The campaign - which calls for science to be robustly funded and publicly communicated as a "pillar of human freedom and prosperity" - is likely to be the largest ever mass demonstration by the scientific community. "We must capture the imagination of the very people whom our mission benefits and share with them our own enthusiasm for science", they write.

The People's Climate March is one event in a broader political movement that extends beyond the issue of basic climate science, according to Getsos.

  • Regina Walsh