Less Than Half Of Americans Believe Trump Keeps His Promises

In a Gallup poll released on Monday, only 45 percent of adults polled say they believe Trump keeps his promises.

The first 88 days of Trump's presidency have seen a string of controversies without any major legislative victories, capped off by Republican lawmakers' failure to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

On two other measures, whether Trump "cares about the needs of people like you" and "can manage the government effectively", the president's numbers also fell, although Gallup noted those declines were not statistically significant. That's down 17 points since early February, when 62 percent of respondents held that position.

Most Americans do not think Trump is "honest and trustworthy", the poll found.

Since February, perceptions of Trump's other attributes have also become more negative.

"Supporters have expressed unhappiness that more has not been done on taxes and immigration, in addition to healthcare", Norman said.

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He quit as state involving that brought him to the brink of impeachment and prompted a series of criminal investigations. As for living in the governor's mansion on South Perry Street, Ivey said she will move there "at some point".

President Trump's approval stood at 59% just after his Inauguration, according to Rasmussen polling, and dropped as low as 42% in the months since he took office.

The number of Americans who believe that Donald Trump will follow through on the promises he made on the campaign trail is dwindling.

Trump, from time to time, has been tweeting and re-tweeting polls that are favourable to his administration. The loss in confidence was particularly pronounced among voters ages 18 to 34 (22 percentage points), but the highest among women, with 25 percent fewer female voters saying they don't believe the president upholds his promises.

"Still 'strong and decisive"'Strong and decisive leadership" is the only characteristic in the Gallup survey for which a majority of U.S. adults (52 per cent) still give Trump positive grades.

Two weeks ago President Trump ordered a cruise missile strike against a Syrian air force base that had been used to store chemical weapons used in an attack that killed nearly 100 civilians.

  • Megan Austin