Hillary Clinton spied on her own campaign staff

A stunned Hillary Clinton had to be urged repeatedly by President Barack Obama to concede defeat on election night, according to a new book recounting the campaign of the first female major party nominee.

A new book by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, "Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton's Doomed Campaign", makes it clear that whatever you thought was happening in Brooklyn at Clinton's campaign headquarters, it was worse.

On election night, Clinton made the call she truly never expected to make, phoning Donald Trump to concede defeat.

"You need to concede", Obama told Clinton directly, later repeating the instruction to her campaign chairman John Podesta for good measure.

When the announcement came that Trump had won, most of the news was centered around that and what a Trump-led America would look like.

While most of the press is reporting on the book's conclusion that deals with Hillary's election night woes, a tidbit about Bernie Sanders' support of Clinton is perhaps a more fitting post-mortem for the failed campaign.

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The book also includes an anecdote from July, 2016 when Clinton and Obama traveled aboard Air Force One to their first joint campaign rally.

"It's not my job anymore to do this", she said, her voice growing more forceful.

In that moment Bill Clinton reportedly became enraged while Hillary remained stoic. Were you hoping Clinton would win? "I just lost, and that is that", she said.

Clinton took Obama's advise and her aide Abedin called Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway.

Hillary Clinton addresses her staff and supporters after losing the presidential election. We learn that Bill Clinton did not believe she should apologize, as neither he nor she felt there had been any wrongdoing.

She later had an emotional phone call with Obama where she told him she knew she had "let her country down" and that his legacy lay "shattered at Donald Trump's feet". "Hillary distributed power so broadly that none of her aides or advisers had control of the whole apparatus", the book claims. Though it's nearly impossible to say what her exact feelings were in the moment she apologized to Obama, the news that she extended an apology to Obama right after congratulating her opponent is a brutal reminder of the disappointment many felt the morning of November 9th. FBI Director James Comey said on the same day as the event that he would not recommend charges against Clinton over her use of the private server.

  • Kyle Warner