Brazen smartphone thief caught with 130 devices thanks to 'Find My iPhone'

A thief who stole more than 100 smartphones from people attending the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was caught thanks to Find My iPhone, say police.

Several festival-goers noticed that their phones were missing and activated their 'Find My iPhone' feature, which provides users with the Global Positioning System location of their phones. When they arrived, they found 100 stolen smartphones in his backpack.

Many victims apparently used the "Find My Phone" app and tracked the perp, 36-year-old Reinaldo De Jesus Henao, through the venue and he was quickly detained by security officers.

As these unsuspecting concert-goers were simply going about their day, enjoying the festivities they rightfully paid for, 36-year-old Reinaldo De Jesus Henao, a NY native, was seizing on the opportunity to swipe cellphones from their owners' pockets.

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Henao, 36, of NY, was arrested on suspicion of grand theft and possession of stolen property, the Los Angeles Times reported. Devices were returned to owners who had already discovered their phones were missing, while the rest wait to be collected.

Henao has been charged with grand theft and receiving stolen property.

Henao was released on $10,000 bail Monday.

Indio Police warned festival-goers to take extra caution against pickpocketers advising they keep their phones and wallets in their front pockets instead of the back, and not carrying all valuables in the same place.

  • Stacy Houston