'Infowars' host Jones disputes persona in custody dispute

Fans of the conspiracy theory-bolstering show InfoWars might be devastated to learn that in a court of law, an attorney representing host Alex Jones argued that the show is "performance art", and that Jones himself is a "performance artist". "He is a performance artist".

"He's not a stable person", she said of the man with whom her 14-year-old son and 9- and 12-year-old daughters have lived since her 2015 divorce. She asked the court to allow the jury to see clips of Jones on his radio show as evidence he is an unfit parent. "The children are there, watching him broadcast", she said.

Jones has gained notoriety in recent years for his angry tirades and conspiracy theories.

Jury selection begins in the case on Monday.

"He's playing a character" and is nothing like his online persona, attorney Randall Wilhite reportedly insisted in a Texas courtroom at a pre-trial hearing ahead of the right wing radio jock's custody battle with ex-wife Kelly Jones.

While a verdict in his favor would help Jones's personal life, it could hurt a career that has resulted in a wide audience and even a friendship with President Donald Trump. A few days later, Jones said this rant was just a big joke, an "art performance".

The man who claims the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre was staged will be in a Texas courtroom over the next two weeks to argue that he is mentally fit to maintain custody of his three kids.

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"This case is not about Infowars, and I don't want it to be about Infowars".

Jones also lashed out at Jennifer Lopez for her post-election lament about Trump during the Grammys in February.

Jones went on a rant last month against Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff after Schiff accused him of colluding with the Russians.

So, when a major presidential candidate and eventual president tells the world that a "journalist" has an awesome reputation, people will believe what that person has to say, even if its all built on a foundation of lies. "I will not let you down", the candidate told the host.

Still, the argument that anything and everything Jones has bellowed on his online show is dismissable under the umbrella of entertainment is to ignore the real-world consequences his rantings have had.

"You reputation is incredible", Trump he said in December 2015.

  • Stacy Houston