Ice cream-eating squirrel - nicknamed Putter - amazes North Carolina beach-goers

There's a North Carolina ice cream shop serving up scoops.but not just to humans!

The owners say their furry friend first showed up last summer and hasn't left their side since.

Every day, Putter the squirrel heads to Fantasy Isle Ice Cream and Mini Golf for some vanilla ice cream in her own miniature cone. After swiping an ice cream cone from one of their customers, the Martins chose to start giving Putter her own tasty treat.

Martin said he believes giving the squirrel little ice cream cones keeps it from stealing other food, and have put up signs instructing customers not to feed Putter and other critters that come by the shop. She even has her own little cones.

According to the couple, Putter lives in a tree above the shop and stops in as often as twice a day for a special squirrel-sized cone.

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Customers are taking notice too, but really, how could you not?

"One of the first things people ask: 'Is Putter here?'" Pam said. She'll run around the course and play with the golf balls.

"If you see two or three of them, Putter breaks from the crowd and comes down, so we know it's Putter", he explained. "We're blessed to have her".

If you want to check out Putter, Fantasy Isle will be open every day this week and next week at noon.

  • Phil Peters