Yankees worth big league-high $3.7 billion

Of the other teams on the list, all four have made a playoff appearance at some point in the last two seasons.

Without a scientific formula, one may think that the $88 million surplus that the Phillies had in 2016 could dry up pretty quickly.

Forbes reported Mike Ozanian notes that the Miami Marlins recently had a handshake deal to sell the franchise for $1.6 billion, although that deal fizzled. That's up from $142.3 million or 8.3% from last season. They are the runaway leader as the second-most valuable team, the Dodgers ($2.75 billion), are valued at nearly a billion dollars less. As a whole, the league's revenue increased 7.5% to $9.03 billion in 2016.

Major League Baseball's average team value rose 19 percent to $1.54 billion.

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The Yankees were ranked as the most valuable franchise - no surprise there - at $3.7 billion. Coming in last at $825 million are the lowly Tampa Bay Rays, who are plagued by poor attendance and a awful stadium.

Forbes said the average Major League Baseball team is worth $1.54 billion, a 19 per cent rise from a year ago, which the magazine attributed to new local television deals that are increasing at roughly a two-fold rate, as well as a surge in profitability.

The Yankees are the second-highest valued sports franchise in the United States behind only the Dallas Cowboys. That said, if the team plays well, more people will come to the park and prices can be increased for tickets, merchandise and ads. Michael Ilitch bought the team for $85 million in 1992 and had in recent years authorized a payroll among the highest in baseball.

  • Regina Holmes