Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) Launches "World's Most Powerful" Graphics Card

Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) Launches


For example, the $700 GTX 1080 Ti has similar performance to last year's $1,000 Titan X, while the $500 GTX 1080 can be purchased for about the same price as the lesser 980 Ti. That gives Nvidia's new flagship a whopping 547.7GBps of memory bandwidth, while the original Titan X hits 480GBps and mainstream graphics cards hover in the 200GBps to 250GBps range.

The XP is available right now from Nvidia.com, and will set you back a wallet-busting $1,200. We don't know the card's base clock yet, but Nvidia's press release claims 3840 CUDA cores running at 1.6GHz. I don't think it's available yet in Australia, but the U.S. price directly converts to roughly AU$1,590. The New Titan Xp specs note the same 12GB GDDR5X framebuffer as the previous Titan X (Pascal) 2016 Edition, but with a bolstered memory speed.

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The card will work in SLI when connected using Nvidia's £36 bridge, though considering its price this isn't something any regular gamer would ever consider doing.

The company also announced it will be releasing Mac drivers for its current graphics cards for owners of Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AAPL) computers. The weirdly named Titan Xp, because nothing says future-tech quite like XP, is powered by a full-fat Pascal GP102 GPU, with all 3,840 CUDA cores unlocked. The Nvidia Titan Xp is sure to appeal to hardcore gamers who want 4K or 8K resolution running at outrageous refresh rates. Update: Nvidia told 9to5 Mac that those beta drivers will enable Mac support for all GTX 10-series graphics cards, not just the new Titan Xp. There is no information regarding the TDP of the Titan Xp so we can not comment about that at the moment. Having followed suit with the 980 Ti by releasing a GTX 1080 Ti, it made sense that NVIDIA would follow suit by refreshing the Titan X. And Nvidia hasn't forgotten about Mac users here.

  • Kyle Warner