South Korea: North Korea fires ballistic missile off east coast

Initial assessments indicate it was a KN-15 medium-range ballistic missile, the statement said. He told reporters in Tokyo on Wednesday that "Japan can not tolerate North Korea's repeated provocative actions".

Trump warned that the United States would take unilateral action to eliminate the nuclear threat from North Korea unless China increased pressure on Kim Jong Un's regime.

USA officials said the missile launched on Wednesday appeared to be a liquid-fueled, extended-range Scud missile that only traveled a fraction of its range before spinning out of control.

South Korea and the United States say the sole goal of the advanced THAAD system is to defend against missile launches from North Korea.

South Korea's foreign ministry also condemned the launch as a blunt challenge to a series of UN Security Council resolutions targeting North Korea's nuclear and missile program. "The launch of a single ballistic missile occurred at a land-based facility near Sinpo ..." "Until their nuclear and missile programs reach a point where they feel it could be used as a deterrent against the United States, the North probably won't show strong willingness for talks".

It is one of the several missiles Pyongyang has tested in recent months, despite several warnings from the United States. North Korea had previously been suspected by researchers of being behind several major thefts, including one past year in which up to $81 million was stolen from Bangladesh's central bank account in NY, as well as other attempted heists in Ecuador, the Philippines and Vietnam.

When North Korea test-fired this missile in February, South Korean officials said it flew about 500 kilometers (310 miles) before landing in worldwide waters. But Seoul has suspended nearly all civilian exchanges since a nuclear test by Pyongyang in January 2016, and amid a flurry of missile tests by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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The KN-15, known as "Pukguksong-2" in North Korea, uses pre-loaded solid fuel, which shortens launch preparation times, boosts its mobility and makes it harder for outsiders to detect ahead of liftoff.

Any launch of objects using the ballistic missile technology is a violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions, but the North has defied the ban as infringement of its sovereign rights to self-defense and pursuit of space exploration.

The firing was made as South Korean and USA troops were conducting annual military drills that the North views as an invasion rehearsal. It did not pose a threat to North America, Pacific Command said.

In a statement, the agency said: "U.S".

The United States has spoken enough about North Korea.

Pyongyang is on a quest to develop a long-range missile capable of hitting the USA mainland with a nuclear warhead, and has so far staged five nuclear tests, two of them a year ago.

Additionally, the officials said they planned on pursuing a way to influence China - North Korea's closest ally - into restraining North Korea's ambitions.

  • Megan Austin