Donald Trump Might Boot Steve Bannon and Reince Preibus from His Administration

While the dust settled after the Trump administration launched 59 tomahawk missiles into a Syrian military air base, the New York Times dropped another report on Russia-Trump ties because that saga isn't going away.

According to insiders, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Trump's economic adviser Gary Cohn, a close ally of Kushner, are being considered to replace Priebus.

While Bannon's office contains a board that lists what he believes represent Trump's core populist promises, Kushner has pushed against them with a centrist perspective that has caused Bannon to call him a "Democrat". (Kushner reportedly has told friends privately that Mercer and her father "have taken too much credit for their role in Trump's victory.") The NYT is also hearing that Bannon threatened to resign if he was booted off the National Security Council, which, er, contradicts yesterday's spin that he was only there in the first place to babysit Mike Flynn and rid the Council of Susan Rice's influence. Who ultimately prevails in the ideological standoff between blocs led by Kushner and Bannon, his chief strategist, could determine the trajectory of Trump's term in the months or years ahead. It's weird that these guys landed jobs in the White House only to be shoved towards the door virtually from day one.

Bannon's image took a hit in late March, when he told the House Freedom Caucus it had "no choice" but to vote for the GOP's ObamaCare replacement bill, only for the group of hard-line conservatives to buck him by opposing it anyway.

Until this week, Bannon had escaped the public injuries inflicted upon the likes of counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, chief of staff Reince Priebus and press secretary Sean Spicer.

Lawmakers weigh White House offer to revive health care bill
Ryan has suggested that they get together to sort out their differences, but it's not happening, according to one key lawmaker. Gosar said the Trump-Ryan plan still had too many "mandates and regulations" that have increased the cost of insurance.

Bannon, meanwhile, was once seen as untouchable.

A senior official told The Daily Beast that the friction between the Bannon and Kushner camps boiled down to a broad range of policy concerning "trade, health care, immigration, taxes, [terrorism] - you name it".

The culture in the White House is dysfunctional because the man leading the administration is dysfunctional.

On Thursday night, as Trump was weighing the most consequential national security decision of his presidency, it was the Kushner wing of Trump's staff who appeared to win over their boss.

Kushner is near the summit of power: The only person higher than him is Trump. CNN went on to say that numerous items in the Ivanka Trump fashion line were also made there. White House officials downplayed the move, saying it came at the discretion of new national security adviser H.R. McMaster. NY magazine's Gabriel Sherman, citing "a longtime Trump adviser", reported that the president had called Spicer's media-bashing debut in the briefing room "terrible". They say these stories aren't true but they're always putting out fires.

  • Megan Austin